The Battle

Everyone has problems
Everyone has fears
Life throws us adversity
That brings us close to tears

Every time you struggle
To fight against the tide
The battle it will find you 
There's nowhere left to hide

But even when you're feeling like
There's nothing left to do
Remember that there's always
Someone there to help you through

So the battle is worth fighting 
The struggle worth the pain
To know that one day real soon
You'll be happy once again


No one

No one should be lonely
No one should be scared
No one should sit in the dark
And wish that someone cared

No one should face torment
Forced to live a lie
No one should stare longingly
As couples wonder by

No one should be smothered
By fears you cannot see
No one sits and wonders
How no one became me


It’s quiet in this room of mine 
No voices split the air
The silence speaks a thousand words
And no one else is here
No other soul to make a sound
I hum to clear the gloom
The story of my solitude
It echos through my tomb
Its quiet in this room of mine
There’s no one else to see
That silence is a golden word
That’s slowly drowning me


Damaged is a subtle thing
That’s hard for some to see
Damaged are the little things
That go to make up me
Damaged is the way i feel
When the day goes bad
Damaged when i think of you
Leaves me feeling sad
Damaged is the way i’ll stay
Damaged it will be
Until such time
As you pass by
To come to rescue me


As naked as when i was born
I stand for all to see
No mask to hide from prying eyes
Uncomplicated me


I’m different person
Least that’s what they say
I’d really like be the guy to take your blues away
I’m a different person
At least i think that’s true
I’ll never do a single thing to make you sad or blue
I’m a different person
At least I’m gonna try
I’ll never say a hurtful word that may make you cry
I vow I will try harder
To tell a different tale
There’s really not much more to me than every other male
In truth I’m not much different
I’ll never pass a test
There not a lot that makes me any different than the rest
Except I’ll keep on trying
To better every day
To hope on day to fond some one who really wants to stay.


I had a thought the other day
So mad it took my breath away
Outrageous both in word and deed
But this small thought, it spread a seed
It started when I saw your your smile
Grew in my heart it took while
But when i saw your sparkling eyes
Its force took me with such surprise
This thought so pure and so divine
Oh wont you be my valentine


Some things are true
Since time began
The best of us
Is a gentleman
So put her first
look to her eyes
Don’t be the one
To make her cry
Hear her words
Sing her song
Hold her hand
When things go wrong
Notice when
She does her hair
Take the time
To say you care
And when she says
Shes feeling down
Make effort
To shift her frown
Try to be
The best you can
And always be
A Gentle Man

I Miss

The things I miss are simple
Is hard for some to hear
I miss the sound of whispers
That land gently in my ear
I miss the silly games
That only lovers do
I miss the simple little words
That start with I Love You
I miss the sound of voices
That greet me when I get home
I miss the gentle touches
That confirm I’m not alone
And whilst the night is silent
And though the day is long
I’ll wait patiently
For one more chance
To Find where I belong


“I’m damaged he said, with a tear in his eye
“Then let me help heal you” she said with a smile
“I’ll hurt you he said, “but not by choice”
“And I’ll forgive you” with love in her voice
“We all have burdens that we need to share
So please let me help you and show you I care”
And so it was settled, the story moves on
Life simple lesson as told in the song
For life can bring hardship, conflict and strife
Battles in darkness, pain cuts like a knife
But love can conquer, and heal the pain
So drop your defences and try once again