“I’m damaged he said, with a tear in his eye
“Then let me help heal you” she said with a smile
“I’ll hurt you he said, “but not by choice”
“And I’ll forgive you” with love in her voice
“We all have burdens that we need to share
So please let me help you and show you I care”
And so it was settled, the story moves on
Life simple lesson as told in the song
For life can bring hardship, conflict and strife
Battles in darkness, pain cuts like a knife
But love can conquer, and heal the pain
So drop your defences and try once again


patiently i read the stories tell of places never seen
adventures casts on common trails where i have never been
solemnly i wonder if there’s something i should say
i watch the world move all around the places that i stay
i never understand if i should go and see who’s there
afraid ill end at the bar alone with vacant stare
i wonder if i said or did something to mark my soul
to be left broken on the ground and never be made whole
ill do my best to be the person that i want to be
and hope that somewhere there’s a happy ending just for me


Ok so I’m not perfect, I may not be the best
Perhaps I’m not as well turned out or stylish as the rest
I know i seem unhappy, I may not always smile
And yes I do have issues that can mess with others style
But before you feel like judging, before you dismiss me
Just know I’m fighting battles against foes you cannot see
I’m trying to get better, I’m trying to prevail
I’m trying to defeat the past to strike a different trail
So when you see me looking sad, a frown up on my face
Im trying hard to push on through and find a better place
I know that I’m not perfect, I’m trying hard to be
Just give me time, I’ll find a way, just don’t give up on me


Your deeds speak volumes, about you
No need to hail the things you do
Don’t stress yourself what others say
Just be yourself and live your day
And if they cannot see your worth
Come hang with me. we’ll rule this earth

silent battles

Silent battles fought alone
Safe inside this empty home
Hidden feeling rise to view
To show the world the real you
But safely tucked where none can see
This truth is safe the secret me
Would show itself but none will know
Just how the battle ebbs and flows
A brief release the shadow falls
The sad and lonely forlorn calls
A cry a sob and shattered dream
The truth will out it rarely seen
And once again the act begins
The mask is drawn to cover sins
The past forgotten future bare
And no-one guesses that he’s there


A plans a plan for all to see
A plan for you, a plan for me
To make the world a better place
A plan to save the human race
My plan to sweep her off her feet
A tall white stallion, down the street
But still we plan and still we wait
We’ll start tomorrow, when its too late
So stop your planning, it’s plain to see
The time is now,come fly with me


These few words I’ll say to you
Be wary of the deeds you do
Guard well the words that you might say
Else they drive your love away
Be courteous to those you greet
Endeavour not to lie nor cheat
Be not afraid of something new
Its different, no harm to you
Be strong and stand for what is right
Know when the leave and when to fight
Trust good people know your name
That they will also do the same
Together we can change the world
A better future will unfurl
Our children free, their story true
From these few words I tell to you


The hollow sound of hollow lives
Made up memories,made up lies
Virtual pals and virtual pokes
fake relationship with folks
Hopes and dreams left in the past
Expectation lost too fast
Where have all, the real friends gone
The ones who drop by by just for fun
When did we lose the skill to say
I hope you have a real nice day

And mean it

The cry for help the plea for joy
Far to lost in virtual toy
We’ve lost the skill to be a friend
We have no love unless we send
A message direct to a face
In some fake local virtual place
We’ve lost our grace, humanity
Lost in the darkness lost at sea
And all that’s left of our last words
The sound of voices bounces of walls
Like echos


Silently I stumble, through dark and distant night
Quietly I wonder, if through the tears I might
Find a place where I can be, no longer cold and scared
Where my dreams might become real, my voice finally heard
Push back the tears that try so hard to press upon my cheek
Alone I fight to find the strength to make it through the week
No helping had to lift me up when lifes’ weight presses down
I fight the tide to take a breath, I struggle not to drown
Alone am I but fighting hard Ill press against the throng
To be the better person though the world might do me wrong
So pity not my solitude nor worry ’bout my plight
Ill fight the fight till fighting done and see this life done right